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Secrets of Cymru

It’s all about Welsh Artisan Food & Drink Producers

At M&M Beverages Ltd we're committed to ensuring we have high quality Welsh Artisan Food & Drink Producers.  For example, the tonic water is made with Welsh Spring Water and sweetened with Welsh Honey and has 100% natural ingredients, which means there are no artificial sugars or sweeteners, therefore making all flavours low in calories.  It is a perfect fit for those who enjoy a balanced and healthy lifestyle!  They are perfect for cocktails or alone (with ice!) without the guilt.  Try this tonic water today and experience a whole new level of natural refreshment!

The majority of our Welsh Artisan Food & Drink Producers have homemade products and can only be found at markets, events and shows, making Secrets if Cymru an ideal place for customers to stock up on these delicious products!

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